Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we continue to work through the challenges brought on by COVID-19. We care about your safety and well-being and want you to know that we continue to add new resources to keep you safe.  I want to thank you for your tireless efforts and support.  These are challenging times, but you are at the forefront of work that is truly making a positive difference. 

Here are this week’s updates: 

  • Staffing: We continue to hire additional staff in food services, housekeeping, and clinical services as part of our Displaced Worker Program. If you know someone who has lost his or her job due to COVID-19, whom you think would be a good fit for our community team, please share these steps to apply: 
  1. Visit  
  2. Click on Careers dropdown and select View Openings 
  3. Use the filters to select the city, state, and nearest Hearth community 
  4. Click on Displaced Workers and hit the red button to start an application. 
  • Hearth Hugs: Do you know a fellow team member who is going above and beyond to make your loved one more comfortable during this difficult time? Please, consider sending a “Hearth Hug” to thank them for their dedication. See our Activity Director for some Hearth Hug cards.  
  • #HearthStrong Buttons: We’ll soon receive a shipment of #HearthStrong buttons. Please, feel free to take a button and wear it daily as a reminder that we’re here to serve our residents, and that we’ll see brighter days ahead if we stay diligent and stick together.   

Sincerely Yours, 

Pamela Stento

Executive Director