Dear Valued Resident,

I understand that this is a very challenging, uncertain time. Please know that all of the team members here love you, value you, and are available for any questions or concerns you may have. We promise to try our best to help with anything you may need.

I also understand that we’ve made many changes recently, and want to make sure you’re well informed of every procedure and policy put in place because of COVID-19.

Here’s this week update:

  • Special Care Areas: We’ve added a Special Care Area, in which residents who have potential of carrying COVID-19 can receive additional oversight in a secured environment, away from other residents. Dedicated and trained staff in our community’s Clinical Services team will be in place to man these areas. While these areas are not currently needed or used, they are now set and available should needs arise.

Please know how much my team and I care about you. We know this is a trying time, and we thank you for your kind words and support as we are here to support you. We will continue to keep you posted on the changes and efforts we continue to make to ensure that we maintain a safe and enjoyable environment here at The Hearth.

Sincerely yours,

Kara Khanzadian

Regional VP of Operations & Interim Executive Director