Dear Greenpoint Resident, April 10, 2020

Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we continue to work through the challenges brought on by COVID-19. I understand that being physically apart from your loved ones is difficult and am doing my absolute best to keep you informed of any changes to our policies, processes, or community culture as a result of the virus. Your strength and resolve during this challenging time is inspiring. You have seen much in your lifetime; however, this is new and perhaps the most challenging moment yet. I am inspired by you. Our teams are lifted by your positivity, and together we will make the very best of this moment. Please know that while we have many restrictions in place for your well-being you are not disconnected. Our teams are ready and able to help you stay connected and in touch with those you love. Thanks to modern technology we can all stay connected and engaged. A big part of this is our ongoing communication, and you have my unwavering commitment to keep you apprised of all we continue to do. I want to thank you for your strength and support as our collective efforts will certainly make the most of this moment in time.

Here are this week’s updates:

  1. Viking Pure: We have added a new cleaning method that will place another measure over our existing practices. The electronic fogging properties of this effort allow us to provide a deep clean to all high traffic or targeted surfaces daily. While normal efforts are good the addition of this solution helps us ensure that surfaces seen, and unseen remain disinfected. This solution will help us cover all surfaces with a powerful and harmless cleaning and sanitation solution.
  2. Packages from loved ones: If your loved one asks if they can bring you packages, gifts, or supplies, the answer is YES! Please make sure they are dropping these off only at the main entrance by the Reception Desk not at the Parlor Door, Flagpole Door, or any other entrance. This helps us to ensure that all items entering our building are being properly sanitized before they go to you. Additionally, please ask your family to clearly label packages/bags with your name and apartment number so we can ensure items are delivered to you promptly. Should a loved one have any questions about this process, please ask them to give me a call, I am happy to walk them through the steps over the phone.
  3. Hearth Hugs: Do you know a team member who is going above and beyond during this difficult time? Please, consider sending them a Hearth Hug. Ask our Activities Director, Julie Fleck for some Hearth Hug cards to help recognize team members for a job well done!
  4. Lastly, but most importantly, please remember that Governor Cuomo has implemented Matilda’s Law – named for the Governor’s mother – to protect New York’s most vulnerable populations, including individuals age 70 and older, those with compromised immune systems and those with underlying illnesses. The measure requires this group of New Yorkers to stay home. Please abide by this law and refrain from leaving the community for any reason except solitary exercise. The team and I love you very much and want to help you stay happy and healthy here at The Hearth. We are all here for you.

Be well and stay safe,

Paula Cerio, MS

Executive Director