What is Independent Living?

Independent living is for seniors who can largely care for themselves but want to eliminate the stress of housekeeping. Residents who are a good fit for independent living can still handle day-to-day tasks like bathing and dressing on their own, but may be starting to find tasks like mowing the lawn or vacuuming more difficult.

Independent living residents have their own private apartment with all the comforts of home minus the hard work. Necessities like cleaning, maintenance, and meal preparation are all taken care of, so residents can focus on enjoying their golden years.

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Assisted living provides a greater level of care compared to independent living. In assisted living care, staff are available to help with healthcare and personal care. Seniors who have trouble with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, and medication management are a better fit for assisted living.

Independent living is an option for seniors who can live independently but don’t want to worry about household chores. Residents who choose independent living can care for themselves but want the convenience of a carefree lifestyle.

How Independent Living Works

Independent living residents have their own apartments. Private apartments give the comforts of home without the hassle. Housekeeping and maintenance are taken care of, so residents don’t have to worry about things like dusting or fixing a leaky faucet.

Chef-made meals made from scratch are also included, meaning residents don’t have the stress of driving to the grocery store or preparing meals. Instead, residents can focus on what brings them joy. Residents will find events, activities, classes, and more, all on-campus.

Whether you want to visit the library, get your hair done, or join a yoga class, our communities are designed to help residents Live More®. Transportation to nearby urban centers is also available, so you’re never far from new activities or a day out.

A Typical Day of Independent Living

Activities and events are constantly changing to keep residents engaged. A typical day could include an outing, exercise class, art activity or game. Residents are free to choose from a variety of activities to keep their minds and bodies active.